Will we feel the change?

On November 2, was the first day of the most awaited event at our school, the Third Shirakatsy Parliament Session (ShiP). This year our ShiP is full of creative, bright and productive students, who will help us to feel the change.


Our session started with a warm welcoming from the leadership board after which the delegates started their integration by participating in the team-building activities. All members enjoyed the various games provided by the Chairs’ team. During the enjoyable time full of laughs and smiles, the delegates split into four committees, having an opportunity to know each other well enough to work together.  After the formulation of committees, the delegates along with their chairpersons actively participated in discussions related to the current issues of our school trying to find sustainable solutions for them.


Tomorrow during the General Assembly we will see the result of their enthusiastic work where the delegates will show the importance of their problems. Will we feel the change? The answer will be clear tomorrow…

Anjela Petrosyan – Media team journalist



Will we feel the change?

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