Awarding Voluntary Passports

December 5 is celebrated as an International Volunteer Day. This day is celebrated all over the world and it is especially important for the volunteers to express their gratitude for the work they have done and to inform the public about their contributions to society.


This holiday was celebrated in the Lyceum in its own way, awarding of unique, symbolic “passports”, to encourage and disseminate every volunteer activity.


“From the very beginning, it was rather difficult to encourage and spread volunteering, and interest towards volunteering,” said High School Principal Zara Ghalakhchyan in her speech. “Today the situation is quite different. The students themselves initiate, propose, come up with new ideas, and want to help all those who need it.


That is to say, we already have a formed culture; we are ready to volunteer regardless of the fact whether we’ll get something or not in exchange for it, “said the principal.


And since the volunteer activities of the pupils, the participation in the various activities is widening, High School Administration has come up with an interesting idea:  to give volunteer passports to students, where complete information about the activities of the student during the years of study will be collected by the approved coordinators and managers.


When the pupils finish school, these passports will feature as a storage and important document.


Here is the basic principle of volunteering: “The good work done to someone comes back to you like a boomerang.”


Awarding Voluntary Passports

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