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On May 20, 5th grade pupils of the 10th grade of the “Shirakatsy Lyceum”, Laura Varzhapetyan, Vahagn Tsirunyan, Susie Grigoryan, Lilit Ghazaryan and Hovhannes Vardanyan participated in the annual jubilee economics subject organized jointly by the Central Bank of Armenia and the International Youth Initiatives International Organization.




11 teams from all regions of the Republic and Yerevan participated in the competition. Yerevan represented the Lyceum team, whose head was Gayane Vardanyan, a social science teacher.


victorina 1


Our students took part in the competition with great enthusiasm and responsibility, answering all the questions and solving all the problems.


victorina 2


Both the students and Gayane Vardanyan received great pleasure and enthusiasm from the competition.


Game Quiz

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