Three-color Holiday

On September 22 “Shirakatsy Lyceum’s” High School and Middle School organized by joint efforts a Three-color Holiday special event to celebrate Armenia’s Independence Day.


The students of the Lyceum were able to create a real holiday spirit and to address to the Motherland not only with the help of their messages, songs and dances, but also organized various beautiful flash-mobs showing their love to the native country. It was the first time when here in the Lyceum mount Ararat took the word and it was very emotional as the mountain is the eternal symbol of Armenia. And at the very end of the holiday an ancient Armenian “Echmiatsin” folk dance united hundreds of students, teachers and Principals.


The whole Lyceum danced and everybody felt one more time that it was not just a dance but the history of the Nation.


Happy Independence DAY!


Three-color Holiday

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