The Lyceum Students Again Surpassed the World Average

On these days, 159,400 graduates studying in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program receive their International Diplomas.


Graduates of Shirakatsy Lyceum were also awarded with International Diplomas and joined 1.7 million DP graduates from 152 countries of the world, whose number increased by 6.42% as compared to the previous year.


The average score for this year’s exams is 29.95 (from 45), and only 218 students have achieved highest grade, including Karen Krmoyan from Shirakatsy Lyceum.


With another 100% success rate, the Lyceum ensures education corresponding to international quality standards. For the second consecutive year, the exam grades of the Lyceum students exceed the world’s average, the average of the world is 29.9, whereas the students of the Lyceum got 37.


Last year 12, this year 6 graduates have been awarded with certificates on successfully accomplishing DP: the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which gives them the opportunity to apply to the world’s best universities without admissions.


“More than 3,000 leading universities in the world trust the IB program results that give an opportunity to its graduates to apply and get accepted without exams and continue their further studies in those universities,” says Anna Stepanyan, DP Coordinator.


This program is a phenomenal opportunity not only to get profound and necessary knowledge but also to study in Armenia while at the same time get accepted to the most prestigious universities with only graduation exams.


The Lyceum Students Again Surpassed the World Average

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