Group 4 project symposium

On December 8 Diploma Program students’ research work was held within the Group 4 Project. The students conducted research along River Hrazdan, from the source to the estuary, taking samples from five different points to check the quality of River Hrazdan.


They study, explore, compare the facts and make conclusions for months: “Water of River Hrazdan is inappropriate for drinking; moreover, its regular use as drinking water is dangerous for human health”.


“The research work including 4 sciences- chemistry, biology, physics and computer sciences- is very important in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. All subjects focus on one issue with the goal of getting a collaborative, scientifically-based subject, which in this case is the study of the water quality of River Hrazdan, which is an alternative to drinking water from Lake Sevan” said DP Coordinator Anna Stepanyan.
The students also presented the results of the research work through posters and information leaflets.


Concluding the event, both teachers and pupils, confidently stated that the goals based on this great work were implemented.
«I was listening to you, admiring and thinking about the most important thing: it’s the freedom you’d had in the sphere of science- to choose the topic freely, to research whatever you found interesting and to have opportunities to do it the way, you were interested in: it’s a great chance given to you” said high school principal Zaruhi Ghalachakhyan” I also want you to use all the opportunities you will be given in the future maximally”.


Group 4 project symposium

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