The launch of Shirakatsy Parliament’s second forum

On March 29 the Lyceum launched the second forum of Shirakatsy Parliament – the ShiP.




The following 4 committees were formed ahead of the parliament, each with a distinct goal:

AFCO – discuss improvements in student council’s activities

ECON – develop the most suitable method pf managing student council’s finances

BENE – systematize the coordination of the volunteer opportunities and work

REGI – come up with strategies for more effective collaboration with and support to Jrvezh community.



The first day began with the opening ceremony which was followed by ice-breaker and team-building activities. After two days of fruitful and productive discussions the committees presented great suggestions and solutions.





The third day, however, was the most exciting one, when each committee was trying to convince the others that their solutions were the best candidates for implementation. The day was filled with fun, enjoyment and beautiful moments to last.





The valuable results achieved during the ShiP will be passed down to Students’ council for implementation.



The launch of Shirakatsy Parliament’s second forum

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