The Chicago University Award for the Lyceum Teacher Christine Sahakyan

Lyceum Management, on behalf of High School Principal Zaruhi Ghalachakhyan, received a thank-you letter from the University of Chicago (USA), for DP TOK Teacher Christine Sahakyan, who is awarded an “Outstanding Educator” prize.


“Dear Christine Sahakyan, You are the winner of the “Outstanding Educator” award from the University of Chicago. You have been nominated by your former pupil, now a student of the University of Chicago Karen Krmoyan.


Our students regularly tell us about their educators who have had a great influence and contribution in their academic knowledge as well as in building up their characters. And it’s already 30 years, our newly elected students have been asked to help us to discover and present the best teachers of High School, “says James Nondorf, Vice President of the university admission department.


The letter also includes a note addressed to his teacher by Karen Krmoyan, a graduate of the Lyceum: “Mrs. Christine, you are one of the best, most caring and the most exciting educators. All your work and efforts are considered to be the basis of my current personality. What you do today is invaluable (priceless) for me and your other pupils. I hope you always have the opportunity to be proud of yourself.


Karen Krmoyan is a graduate of the Shirakatsy Lyceum 2016-1017 Diploma Program. He was admitted to the University of Chicago, 159  of Worldwide DP; One of the 400 graduates who succeeded in gaining the highest threshold of 45, and having the opportunity to study at the University, with a 100% scholarship.


The Chicago University Award for the Lyceum Teacher Christine Sahakyan

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