Discussion with Nona Poghosyan

First time ever the IB program literature class was attended by a writer herself.


Our guest was lieutenant colonel of the Ministry of Defense, cybernetics professional, and an author of poetry collection Nona Poghosyan.


The goal of the meeting was to reveal students’ skills in analyzing a new piece of literature, to discuss various aspects of an author’s creative process, author-reader relationships – all directly related to Theory of Knowledge subject in the IB program. Mrs. Poghosyan praised students’ own interpretations of the poems and provided feedback and comments.


Student, on the other hand, asked questions around the author’s writing style and her worldview. During the visit both Mrs. Poghosyan and students recited some of her poems.

The meeting was a big success both on an emotional and academic level.

                                                                                                                                           Ani Papoyan
IB Literature teacher

Discussion with Nona Poghosyan

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