Let’s support our soldiers 2018

For the second year in a row, ahead of Army Day our high school students have launched charity project “Let’s support our soldiers”. Last year, all of the proceeds from donations were directed to Daniel Davtyan, (http://high.shirakatsy.am/daniel-davtyan/), who was critically wounded during the April 4-day war, and this year all proceeds will go to another wounded soldier Gnel Hambardzumyan.


“This year as well, with this project the lyceum aims to show our gratitude to our soldiers for their bravery and selfless service. The lyceum have decided to support Gnel Hambardzumyan, who participated in the Artsakh war, was wounded and has serious health issues. He now lives in Hrazdan city in dire conditions with his wife and 4 children. Unfortunately, his wife and one of the children have health issues as well. Now is the time for all of us to unite and lend a helping hand to our soldier and his family”, – wrote members of the student council.


High school students were already given envelopes to collect voluntary donations from families. Donations boxes have also been placed in High and Middle schools to give opportunity for donations for the school staff and administration.

Let’s support our soldiers 2018

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