International Conference “Have Your Say” 

These days, Lyceum students Arthur Artashesyan (11th grade) and Inga Grigoryan (2nd year student of diploma program), Ashkhen Sargsyan, teacher of Computer Science, are participating in Milan’s “Have Your Say” international conference dedicated to Safe Internet Day.


From 16 topics covered in the conference launched at the Microsoft House in Milan, our students presented the topic “Online safety”.

A working group was formed with Italian youths joining them to prepare and deliver thematic posters on the voting by both online and current participants.


The ideas presented in the posters and short statements should include the problems in the web and the tools for solving them, which will lead to the sustainable development of the Internet, making it a more reliable and safe place for children and young people.

On February 4, the event was continued at the famous Palazzo Lombardia Center in Milan, where a number of well-known people such as Giorgio Alberto from Google and Jacqueline Boucher from Microsoft made a speech. They voiced on the web problems and the steps they take to mitigate them.


“Our students have become members of the” European Council for Digital Good “team and will henceforth support their peers to use the Internet more efficiently and not to become a captive, why not even the victim,” said Ashkhen Sargsyan.


“All this is not only encouraging, but also obliging because everyone should be involved in the development of stability and security of the online platform”.

International Conference “Have Your Say” 

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