Happiness, in my eyes

The international happiness is celebrated on 20th of March. On this occasion, high school’s “Lyceum hour” on 17th of March was dedicated to happiness. It was help by the students from the groups 1083 and 1085.


This event was stated by the UN main ansamblea, based on the suggestion by a small country called Bhutan. Just a couple of years ago Bhutan created a ministry of Happiness in their country.


There is a special measurement for happiness, called Gross National Happiness.


The choice of the day is not an accident. The 20th of March is the day of spring night equalizer, when day and night are almost equal to each other. The ones who chose this day mentioned that all the people around the globe have equal chances to be happy.


The students tried to answer to questions about what the happiness is and who can make a person happy.


No one really knows what happiness is, since everyone understands it in a unique way. For some people health is important, for the others- doing something, for some- the perfection of soul. For some people the independence and wealth, and some create their private life. People understand happiness in their own way. Be happy and value everything you have: that is your real happiness.


Happiness is always there, you just need to see it…

Happiness, in my eyes

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