Group 4 project in the field of experimental sciences

On December 14, research projects by the graduate group of the DP were held within the four experimental sciences (Group 4 Project).


This research work involving chemistry, biology, physics and computer sciences is an important component of the Diploma Program.


This year’s DP students studied the area of Metsamor to determine the impact of the nuclear power on the environment.


For several months, they studied, investigated, compared the facts and made conclusions: “Based on  the results of the research carried out in Metsamor, we found out that there is no radiation effect at all, therefore, the nuclear power is not harmful for humans, the flora and the fauna,” said DP student Seda Babakhanyan, “moreover, the amount of radiation there was less, than here, at school”.


“This is a unique opportunity for students to create a unified work,” said biology teacher Mariam Ohanyan, “this is a huge amount of work that the students were able to do with dignity through the proper coordination and consistency of team work processes.”


The students also presented the results of the research through posters and information leaflets.


Group 4 project in the field of experimental sciences

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