Farewell for the High School Principal

Our high school principal Zaruhi Ghaltakchyan gave a speech before embarking on her maternity leave: “Being true to myself, I don’t like saying good-byes, that is instead of the standard good-byes, I suggest we appreciate and recognize the interesting and diversified daily school life we have built together”.


Mrs. Ghaltakchayn went on to address 10th, 11th, and 12th graders wishing them best of luck. Lyceum Principal Ashot Alikhanayn, Student council and ShiP representatives have expressed their gratitude and extended their best wishes to Mrs. Ghaltakchyan. DP students, in their turn, presented a surprise musical performance.


Lyceum principal then introduced the new high school principal Mrs. Tatevik Nalbandyan, who is also the deputy director of International projects and PYP Coordinator in Elementary school.

Farewell for the High School Principal

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