When we overcome the obstacles by encouraging one another

“On September 16th 1083 and 1085 groups’ students claimed the southern peak of Aragats with escorting of “Kharuyk” expedition group. Our climbing started from the lake of Karagandz on the slopes of Aragats.
The whole expedition was full of difficulties, but we overcame them, helping and inspiring each other. Our boys were assisting girls with a desire to mitigate the anxiety of the trip.
On the way we sang different patriotic songs, tried to keep the Armenian spirit in the mountains.
We climbed about 14 km to the top. A unique indescribable beauty was around us. In the center of four tops a crater was spreading, and the Stone Lake was under our feet. On the top of the mountain we danced victorious and folk dances. It was snowing, but we continued singing and dancing.
Unfortunately, the weather was the reason why we returned sooner. I am full of impressions. However, I’d like to go there again at my first opportunity and enjoy the never-ending beautiful picture, which makes fill proud, even if I have to go through these difficulties again”- 1083 group student Mane Mkrtchyan is writing about their mountain climbing.
When we overcome the obstacles by encouraging one another

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