Student Council Elections 2017

On December 1 the co-chairmen and coordinators’ elections of the 2017-2018 school year were held in the Lyceum High School.


All the candidates presented their pre-election programs, responded to voters’ questions, and the previous year’s co-chairs Aram Khanlari and Elina Hovakimyan announced the start of the elections.


After the end of the voting a commission was formed which summed up the voting results.


Thus, 205 pupils took part in the voting, 89% of High School students and the elections were considered successful.


According to the Counting Commission participants in the voting are:

  • For the Co-Chairs – 202 ballot papers (2 ballots were declared invalid, and one was “missing”).
  • Coordinators – 201 ballot papers, since 4 ballots were declared invalid

The only male and only candidate, Mikayel Zurnachyan, who received more than 50% of the votes, was elected co-chairman of the council.


Taking into consideration the fact that the female co-chair candidates, Mary Hambardzumyan and Lala Harutyunyan, collected the same number of votes, the second stage was announced for them by the decision of the counting committee.


Lala and Mary will take part in debates, there will be a questionnaire with the electorate, and the debates will be held by newly elected co-chair Mikayel Zurnachyan.


Diana Khachatryan was recognized as the winner of the Coordinating Council for Extracurricular Unions. Hasmik Arevyan was elected as PR and Media Coordinator, Galstyan Mher is Human Resources Coordinator, and Zalinyan David – External Relations and Coordinating Coordinator.


Congratulations to the winners and wish them success and productive work.

Student Council Elections 2017

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