DP students visited Gyumri

“On October 28, we enjoyed a trip to Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia. Before reaching Gyumri, we made a stop on the road to clean up trash, a tradition among DP students on their trips to Gyumri.


Upon arriving at Gyumri, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Bishop Mikael Ajapahyan and hear about his perspective of the role of religion in Armenia and in the world. It was a very interesting experience, and one that will never be forgotten.


We then headed to the Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum where our Armenian A students held their class about Isahakyan, telling children and adults about his life and his literary pieces. Besides this, we also enjoyed a tour at the nearby Hovhannes Shiraz Museum and learned about poet’s life.


Both visits were very educational and it was an overall productive trip. At the finale of our trip we visited Lentex, a textile company, where we were able to gain an exclusive tour of the factory itself and be exposed to a small part of the business world in Armenia.”

IBDP1 student, Tatev Gomtsyan

DP students visited Gyumri

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