Awarding Graduation Diplomas

On July 17th, at 17:17, High School Principal Zaruhi Ghaltakhchyan announced about giving graduation diplomas to class of 2016-2017. This would be the last step of this year’s commencement ceremonies.


The principal mentioned that some unfinished tasks needed to be completed, before proceeding to the graduation ceremony.
The graduates took various initiatives, and every member of the Lyceum Community tried to make them real. One of those projects was the arrangement of “Self-Governance Day.” Scientific and Methodological Center of the Lyceum approved this initiative that had its crucial place within the framework of Shirakatsy Days Festival.


A group of talented 12th graders started working as teachers and taught different classes. The reaction of the Middle School did not keep them waiting. “The reaction of the students of the Middle School simply exceeded our expectations, all of them expressed their admiration and delight on the lessons that were taught by their “teachers,” even they asked to do this kind of activities more frequently. Thanks both the organizers and the participants for launching this important initiative,” said Tatevik Arzumanyan, Middle School Principal.
“I would also like to thank the Head of the Scientific-Methodological Center Tamar Alexanyan and graduate student Gayane Ghazaryan for proposing this idea, our teachers and especially the students, who made it come true. For the enormous amount of effort spent, they will be given well-deserved certificates,” said Z. Ghalachakhyan.


Furthermore, the Lyceum students are not only excellent teachers, but also incredible actors. At the beginning of the year, in spite of the exams and the admission period, the students took part in the “Love is immortal” event and tried to deliver to the audience their perceptions of love. The initiative was led by High School Counselor Marine Hovhannisyan, who with great delight gave the certificates.
Another fact that should not be overlooked is that it turns out that some 12th graders presented perfect attendance during the academic year, despite extensive extracurricular activities. Ruzanna Bulutyan, the Super intendent of the Lyceum, awarded certificates to these heroes.
Recently, the students of the Lyceum participated in the annual “Educational Award” of the RA President in the nomination of “Best Student” in IT. By the way, all the participants made a great impression on the members of the committee, hence, choosing the best students became a serious challenge for them. UITE President Karen Vardanyan, as the leader in this field and a comrade of the Lyceum, took over the handing process of gifts to all the participants.


No event at High School can become a reality without the vigorous army of volunteers of the Lyceum, created by the Student Council. Elina Hovakimyan, Co-Chair of the Student Council, was invited to the stage for awarding certificates to the most active volunteers.
Security guards also received certificates and letters of appreciation. The ensured secure environment for students helps them to focus on their day-to-day activities, celebrations, and seminars.


After giving all the certificates, Head – Founder Ashot Alikhanyan handed all the 12th graders their graduation certificates.

Awarding Graduation Diplomas

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