What opportunities does DP give?

The DP coordinator Anna Stepanyan started this year presentation for the 10th grade students telling about achieved success of passed year IB DP students.

“All the 12 first DP graduates were awarded by International Baccalaureate Diplomas, all of them got accepted in their preferred universities,   and the list of this universities is quit comprehensive with wide geographical area involved: from China to the US, from outstanding European universities to UAE”.


It is important to mention that the IB was launched with Diploma Program and today it has huge popularity and acceptance in the world outstanding universities.

“I want you to imagine all the opportunities that DP gives, and the most essential part is that world leading 2700 universities trust IB results so much that they allow IB graduates to continue their higher education in these universities without entrance exams”- added Anna Stepanyan.


While presenting the structure of Diploma Program Anna Stepanyan compared it to the peach bone or to the planet Earth: they both have center that keeps the balance “In Diploma Program that center is you that armed with right skills and knowledge you would be able to resist the challenges of our time, and we will develop all these skills together thanks to what you will reach self-actualization and which will guide you in your life” – stressed DP coordinator.

The six subject groups 3 of which are advanced and 3 are basic level, selected by the students to fulfill the requirements for their further studies add up to form the flesh of the peach.


Concluding the presentation of Diploma Program it is to mention that the program develops students’ critical thinking, ability to perform research tasks and make reports about them, it pushes students to creativity and social activities. “The end results are the most vital to which we are aspiring, the mission, which the IB is realizing. You should be curious, educated and caring young people who will create more peaceful world thanks to intercultural understanding and respect”, – summarized her saying Anna Stepanyan.


P.S. The DP preparatory classes will start in October, further information will be provided soon.

What opportunities does DP give?

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