Diploma Program- an opportunity to study at the best universities of the world

Davit Musayelyan, the student of «Shirakatsy Lyceum» International Scientific-Educational Complex», received an anticipated letter about his admission at the University of Chicago studying simultaneously applied mathematics and economics.


“I have already had the experience of my friend Karen, who dared to apply and entered the same university and is now studying there, it inspired me and I also dared and succeded entering one of the best universities of the world” said Davit and ensured that he’s going to return to Armenia after graduation to work here by his specialty.


You can watch the video about Davit Musayelyan made by TV Company of Armenia here.


The DP has been implemented in Lyceum since 2014 and is intended for the students who graduated from the 10th grade of high schools both from the Republic of Armenia and other countries.


In 2016, 12 students of DP and 6 graduates in 2017 have received the International Baccalaureate Diplomas, which has enabled them to enter the world’s best educational institutions.


DP coordinator Anna Stepanyan says: “More than 3,000 leading universities in the world are so much enthusiastic about the results of the MB Diploma Program that allows graduates to continue without admission exams in higher educational institutions where graduates will be admitted”.
The result is unprecedented not only by the number of graduates who received diplomas, but also 100% of the results of the exams during two years.
For the second consecutive year, the average outcomes of the Lyceum students exceeded the world’s average- the average of the world’s maximum of 45 points is 29.95 and the Lyceum students-37.


Additionally, only 218 students in the world have succeeded in gaining the highest threshold (45 points), including Lyceum student Karen Krmoyan.
Karen Krmoyan has been admitted with a full scholarship and is now studying at the University of Chicago.


Other graduates have also chosen, have been admitted and are now studying at the best universities in the world rankings, such as the University of Sheffield in Greece, the University of Toronto, NYU Abi Dhabi, Yonsei and Fudan Universities in China, Czech Technical University in Prague, Utrecht University, “Instituto de Empressa” in Madrid, Warsaw University, Charles University in Prague, Vaal University and so on.


This year 12 graduates will also be enrolled in the number of graduates of 1.7 million diploma graduates from 152 countries of the world (their number increased by 6.42% compared to the previous year).

Diploma Program- an opportunity to study at the best universities of the world

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