Visit to Bardzruni

On 1st of December, 2018 the students from IBDP1, IBDP2 and the head of mentorship program Syuzan Khudaverdyan supervised by CAS coordinator Arthur Tashchyan and Economics teacher Arthur Poqrikyan went to a trip to Bardzruni village, which is located in Vayots Dzor province and is near Armenian borders with Azerbaijan. The village has in total 450 residents and 36 students studying in the specific school we went.


On October 25 IBDP students with the help of Mr. Artur Tashcyan organized a charity concert, food fairs and raised money to buy musical instruments for those students.


Trip began at 8:00 am. After a 4-hour ride the team was exhausted, but struggles were worth it the moment they entered the Village. The students and their teachers greeted them so warmly and enthusiastically, that we forgot about all our problems and enjoyed our time there. It all started with us going to a church and lighting candles. Then we put flowers on the monument of perished heroes as a sign of respect. After that, students showed us their school where we played different games and most importantly- had dinner together. This showed that no matter where we live, all of us are brothers and sisters who should stand by each other no matter what. Artur Tashchyan says, “The atmosphere of rustic immediacy and local manners were unfamiliar to our students. The event itself and locals’ hospitability happened to be a good experience especially for our foreign students”.


Maria Hovhannisyan adds, “One of the most interesting things that we have noticed was how good were their relationships between them. It’s true that they did not have the advanced technologies that we had, but instead of that, they had each other and were like a big family. They were living in a fear because every day could be their last, but that did not stop them from being kind towards everyone”.


Yana Zakharyants reflects, “There, the materialistic supplies were not that important, because the definition of happiness for them began with the small things. They tried to see best in everything and everyone and that is one of the attributes we took home with us. So, the most important lesson we learnt thanks to the trip was that instead of spending our times on social medias, playing games on our phones, we should communicate with each other more, because good relationships bring joy everywhere”. At the end of the trip we were so impressed that we promised to come back during the summer break and they, on their turn, promised to organize a concert where they could play on the musical instruments we bought for them. And that is the only time we can truly say that our mission was complete and that our goal to help them was achieved.


Visit to Bardzruni

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