“Brain Awareness Week”

On March 10 within the framework of Brain Awareness Week, as a result of the collaboration of the Lyceum YSMU students and the Department of Natural Sciences, the Brain Storm Intellectual Contest took place where the students of the high school actively participated.


brain storm 1


The “Blitz” team was recognized as the winner, whose leader was Arman Tsirunyan.


brain storm 2


Thank you to jury members, T. Alexanyan, H. Khachatryan, S. Hoveyan, L. And Gasparyan Martirosyan for fair trial, guiding the organizers and encouraging participants.


brain storm


On March 14, at 15:40, within the framework of “Brain Awareness Week”, we invite everyone to attend a conference hall to take part in a conference organized by YSMU Student Council.

“Brain Awareness Week”

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