You are safer when you are prepared and informed

On March 23 Shirakatsy Lyceum’s high school students received the manager of “Artakarg” news center and Leutenant Nikolay Grigoryan.


The meeting’s main theme was possession of accurate information regarding emergencies and readiness during those situations.


This year we commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Spitak earthquake, and earthquakes are impossible to predict ahead of time to give the population enough time to prepare for it, – said Mr. Grigoryan and added that since we live in an active seismic zone, we have to always be prepared for this type of natural disaster and learn from our past mistakes.


Being a former policeman, then a journalist and educator, Mr. Grigoryan in response to one of the student’s suggestion that Spitak earthquake could have been manmade, confirmed that Spitak earthquake was indeed a natural disaster.


During the meeting the students had an opportunity to also watch relevant videos to support their understanding of the topic.


I found out that Peru, which also lies on another active seismic zone, is the most prepared today, because they have indeed learned from past mistakes and unfortunate experiences,- said Lala Harutyunyan.


You are safer when you are prepared and informed

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