Exhibition «Hovhannes Ayvazovski: Creation»

On December 15, 1083 and 1085 high school groups visited the exhibition “Hovhannes Ayvazovsky:Creation”, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Hovhannes Aivazovsky.


The “greatest” canvas of the exhibition “Chaos. The Creation of the World “is a famous canvas. This monumental canvas is based on the Bible story about the creation of the world: the artist presented the soul of God in the form of light which goes out of the dark clouds. This canvas is historically in all respects: it reminded us of the existence of God.


Ayvazovski dedicates the canvas “Chaos” to the Pope of Rome in 1841. Pope Gregory 16th has awarded the 26-year-old Hovhannes Aivazovsky the grand prize, the gold medal and chanted “Chaos” as the property of the Vatican Gallery. At the beginning of the last century, Pope Leon 13th donated the canvas to the Mekhitarist Congregation of Venice.


The painting “Noah goes down from Ararat” reminded us of our sacred Homeland. The picture shows a fragment of the Old Testament, when Noah descends from the Mount Ararat after World Flood. Hovhannes Aivazovsky, after the Great Flood, painted a depressing emptiness, on the background of which the Mount Ararat rises in glory. The small figures of the descent and the greatness of Ararat seem to confirm the biblical inevitability.

We were very proud to see Aivazovsky’s canvas “Byron’s visit the Mekhitarist Congregation in St Lazarus Island”. An English writer of the 19th century, one of the greatest writers in Europe, George Byron visited the monks of the Mekhitarist Congregation on the island of St. Lazarus in Venice in 1816. Hovhannes Aivazovsky portrays the moment when the Armenian monks greeted the great armenologist.


This expression of Byron about the Armenian language, indeed, has become remarkable. “I have learned the language of the Armenians so that I could understand what language did Gods really speak, since the Armenian language is the language of the Gods … And Armenia is the homeland of Gods, and the gods are from the Valley Ararat.”


Aivazovsky’s miniature paintings, decorations, clasp and bracelets were presented at the exhibition, which Aivazovsky presented to one of his daughters, most likely to Alexandria, which indicates the letter “A” on the bracelet.


We looked at the papers, pencil, pastel and watercolor graphic papers, which are very realistic. As the biographers of the artist point to, his first paintings were made of chalk and coal, on walls of buildings, pen and pencil, on newspapers and books.


Exhibition «Hovhannes Ayvazovski: Creation»

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