These are the main principles of the Lyceum on its way of developing future leaders, intellectuals, and citizens respecting national and global human values.


v Constant improvement of the conditions promoting impartiality and obedience to the law.


v Further improvement of the competitive selection process of the teaching staff and students.


v Ensuring equal starting conditions and real guarantees on admission and further education issues for all the Lyceum students.


v Gradual overcome and cancellation of the need for tutoring in the educational system.


v As the main precondition for maximum efficiency of educational process, knowledge acquisition and appropriation, development and improvement of certain skills on their basis, that essential for the citizens of tomorrow right in the Lyceum.


v Providing the support of parental community through foundations in solving Lyceum problems.


v Maximum expansion of the Lyceum self-dependence and independent action as the most important guarantee of the implementation of the Lyceum objectives.


v Consistent application of the principle of family relationships between the students, graduates, parental community and the staff, guided by the slogan “The Lyceum is our home, its honor is ours”.