Future Doctors Visited “Arabkir” Joint Medical Center

1There are so many professions, that it’s sometimes difficult to choose one of them for a student. And the Lyceum helped us in making that difficult decision. It arranged meetings in various professional spheres. One of them was the visit to “Arabkir” Joint Medical Center. We were at the department of nose and throat diseases and saw how the patients overcame the postoperative period. We took part in a medical examination. There were patients who had undergone major surgeries, their recovery was proceeding with difficulty, but the positive change was noticeable.
It’s clear for us that a doctor’s profession is very difficult and responsible. A doctor has no right to be mistaken, and not every person can become a doctor. A doctor must be very knowledgeable and experienced; he/she must have strong nerves, but be very compassionate at the same time. A doctor must always remember his/her Hippocratic Oath. Hermine Vlasyan is such a doctor. She is always careful towards the patients, who trust her infinitely and are grateful to their doctor for their recovery.


Let me also mention that the visit helped many of us to choose the difficult, but honorable profession of a doctor.


Group 1162 student
Sona Grigoryan



Future Doctors Visited “Arabkir” Joint Medical Center

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