12 graduates, 12 international diplomas

All the first 12 graduates of the Shirakatsy Lyceum Diploma Program were granted by the International Baccalaureate Diplomas on September 7, 2016. Students demonstrated significant results gaining an average of 33 points out of 45 while the world average is only 30. “This is the highest 100% result when all the 12 students registered, applied and received their International Baccalaureate Diplomas”, – said the lyceum’s IB Diploma Program coordinator Anna Stepanyan.


This result was registered just in the first year, and for comparison, we can state that this kind of excellence is usually reached during years, as a result of continual efforts. “This result is indeed a huge achievement, it is one thing when you cultivate the seeds and wait for the harvest, when you do everything to get the best possible harvest but what you feel when you actually see the results of your work, when you see the actual harvest is totally different, and today not only we but you as well can gather the harvest of our collective efforts”- said Ashot Alikhanyan while handing the IB Diplomas.



The executive director of CIS IB School association Natalya Barinova also joined to the congratulations: “You are very unique students, you know to perceive problems critically, you have your own viewpoints and opinions, you can change the world and present you country in the international universities with dignity”. “33 points is truly excellent result, it means that your instructors worked with international measures, and with the skills obtained while studying by DP it will be easy to continue education in the world’s outstanding universities”, – added she.


Only 7 graduates were present on the Diploma handing ceremony, others had already started their education in international universities and their parents got the Diplomas for them.

“Diploma Program provided me with required knowledge and I only have to deepen this knowledge in the University of Sheffield”, – said Alek Petrosyan.


“This 2 year lasting Diploma Program gifted me 11 excellent friends, who I will keep close to my heart during my whole life, and gave me the advantage to realize that I am a part of the huge International Baccalaureate community”,- highlighted Heghine Grigoryan.


The Lyceum integrated Diploma Program 2 years ago; it is intended for Armenia’s and other countries’ high school 10th year graduates. The Program lasts two years; learning is completely in English. Graduates of the Shirakatsy Lyceum Diploma Program get State Attestat of RA as well.

Let us remind that the Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy is the only educational institution in Armenia that is certified by all the 3 IB programs: Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program and Diploma Program.

The International Baccalaureate system founded in 1968 in Geneva, today consists of 3668 schools from 150 countries and is truly the most famous international educational system in the world the Diploma of which provides students with the opportunity to get accepted in the world most highly ranked universities without additional exams.

12 graduates, 12 international diplomas

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