The 11th graders visited the Central Bank

7The 11th grade students, interested in business and banking, visited the Central Bank of Armenia. They were given the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the structure and functions of the bank. Zaruhi Barseghyan, the head of the visitors’ department, kindly represented the bank activities, as well as answered the questions concerning the profession of an economist during her break time. She introduced the monetary functions of the Central Bank through a very frank and pleasant conversation. 6Then the students were given time to ask questions, and one of them, Hayk Khachatryan, won the prize for formulating his question literately and appropriately. Then the students toured and learned about the history of the Armenian dram. There were various samples of Armenian coins of all times, as well as unique examples of commemorative coins produced in limited quantities in the Central Bank. At the end the Lyceum students were given souvenirs, which made the excursion more memorable and enjoyable. It was a nice chance to combine education with entertainment. Thanks to the organizers.


Group 1165 student Rozi Toroyan
Group 1162 student Aneta Baloyan



The 11th graders visited the Central Bank

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