The author of “Չոր մարքեթինգ” visited the Lyceum

4The author of “Չոր մարքեթինգ” and business trainer Vahram Miraqyan visited the Lyceum. The meeting was organized by the joint initiative of the Students council and the ICT centre.


The students had many questions to Mr. Miraqyan about successful businesses, the promotion of their own initiatives and the acquisition of the main keys to the success. The author of the book on 40 marketing tools not only introduced marketing in general, but also gave practical advice in order the students could orientate in the choice of their future profession and ensure a successful career start. The Lyceum students got a lot of useful marketing advice for the efficient planning of their future during that lively question and answer process.



The author of “Չոր մարքեթինգ” visited the Lyceum

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