Every excursion, an indelible part of memory

«On October 8, 1082 and 1086 groups had a n interesting expedition to Saghmosavank Monastery, the Letters Park, the Aparan St. Cross Basilica Church, Renaissance Memorial and eventually the Arshakuni Mausoleum accompanied by the counselor and teachers Narine Avdalyan, Artur Tashchyan and Hayk Khachatryan.
Having the magic of the history in our hands, we have gained a lot of knowledge about our nation and its ancestors.
With the help of Mr. Arthur, we danced “Etchmiadzin” (which is the oldest folk dance), “Tsakhkadzor” and “Karno Kochari” dances. People around the monastery were inspired by our unity and joined us with great enthusiasm.
Besides the historical sites, we also enjoyed the Armenian nature.
Thanks to our teachers as this trip is an unforgettable part of our memory»,- writes Inga Sahakyan from 1086 group.
Every excursion, an indelible part of memory

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