Becօme Santa Claus!

On the 26th of December, the annual summative meeting of Shirakatsy Mentorship School took place. The theme of the meeting was in the frameworks of New Year.


The school, established back in January 2017, has now become a real educational institution with its more than 40 students.


The Mentorship School staff organized an unprecedented event in which the entire school community participated.


In the beginning of December the mentees had written letters addressed to Santa Claus, asking for this or that gift. For these children, the Shirakatsy Lyceum became the best Santa Claus. With our combined efforts all the respective presents were bought and given to their recipients.


The event was accompanied by songs and dances which the children had learnt during their art classes. Some were even brave enough to recite poems. Everyone undoubtedly was happy. The Shirakatsy Mentorship School will continue its progressive work during the next academic term, educating more and more representatives of the future generation.


Becօme Santa Claus!

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