Lyceum Students Visited The Chamber Of Advocates Of The RA

6Lyceum 11th grade students, as well as some interested students visited the Chamber of Advocates of the RA on October 30 in frames of the program “Practical introduction to professions” by the initiative and guidance of the teacher Gayane Vardanyan and counselor-pedagogues.


Students who are going to later specialize in Jurisprudence and Advocacy, as well as students with other professional orientation joined the initiative.


The Lyceum students were welcomed in the Chamber of Advocates of the RA. Before the chairman Ara Zohrabyan would accept the students, Mane Karapetyan, the head of staff, and Hayk Hakobyan, the press speaker, accompanied them to the School of Advocates of the RA. People who have legal education can acquire additional professional knowledge and develop the necessary skills in the sphere of Advocacy studying a year in this school. They introduced the nature of the chamber activity to the students, who had the opportunity to ask their questions both to the head of staff and the press speaker and get exhaustive answers.


1The meeting with the chairman of the chamber Ara Zohrabyan was held in a very warm and unbending atmosphere as well. Mr. Zohrabyan introduced the peculiarities of the profession of an advocate and the characteristic features of the chamber activity with love and ingenuousness. He answered the Lyceum students’ questions and asked them questions on the sphere of justice.


Such meetings greatly help with professional choice in the future, as well as in acquiring and strengthening knowledge on the activity and functions of many organizations in the RA.

Author Gayane Mkhoyan



Lyceum Students Visited The Chamber Of Advocates Of The RA

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