Following Magical Lastiver

On October 2, hiking to Lastiver was organized for 12th graders. Suzanne Vardanyan, from 1261 group, shares the exciting details of the trip.

Lastiver 1


“Before reaching Lastiver, we visited Sevanavank, which is remarkable for its beautiful surroundings and rich history. According to the tradition, going to Sevanavank three times is equivalent to one visit to Jerusalem. Then we went to Aknaghbyur and saw the tree planted by Vardan Mamikonian. According to tradition, the tree is burned every seven years, yet it does not disappear, but grows again, and if you make a wish, it will definitely come true. My classmates and I used this fantastic opportunity to feel the scent of the history of our homeland at this place.

Lastiver 2

Then we moved to Lastiver, which is like a paradise, with beautiful nature, canyons, and wildlife. The road was impassable and somewhat dangerous, but we were able to overcome all the difficulties together. Everything was lovely and impressive. On our way, we were accompanied by Mr. Arthur, our teachers, N. Avdalyan, S. Vardanyan, E. Yeghiazaryan, parents, and teachers.


Lastiver 3

In the end, we were tired, but returned to the city still captivated. Another story has been added to our memories titled “Lastiver”.”


Following Magical Lastiver

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