Presentation of Research

On December 27th and 28th, the advocacy of the research work of the pupils of the 11th advanced chemistry group took place.


The students, being led by chemistry Specialists A. Galstyan and M. Hovhannisyan, implemented a number of theoretical and practical analyzes and made new discoveries.


“When listening to them, one can make sure that chemistry is dominated in everyday life, economy, industry, and everywhere,” said Narine Ksajikyan, Head of the Chair of Science.


The topics of the research were:

Sargsyan Mari ՙ«Proteins»

Khachatryan Vahe «Water»

Makaryan Mher «Iron»

Yesayan Gevorg «Carbohydrates»

Prazyan Sona «Minerals»

Sahradyan Sona «Salt»

Harutyunyan Varduhi «Cholesterol detection in fish brains»


Presentation of Research

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