Meeting with Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of RA

1Groups of environmental activists will be formed in frames of an environmental program launching in the Lyceum. These groups will have the opportunity to participate in the initiatives of the Ministry of Nature Protection. Today students, interested in environmental topics, had a meeting with Khachik Hakobyan, the Deputy Minister of Nature Protection and the former Deputy Director of the Lyceum. They discussed a range of environmental issues.First of all the Deputy Minister introduced the structure of the Ministry, its activity, the main environmental issues and the programs to make the coming works more purposeful. 5Mr. Hakobyan encouraged the students, interested in environmental activities, to be active and expressed assurance that the best initiatives could be brought to life and a lot of environmental problems could be solved with their help. The Deputy Minister also informed that currently modern technologies are used in solving a series of environmental problems. They’re expected to show effectiveness in the near future.


Lyceum students asked Mr. Hakobyan a lot of questions and also made suggestions. The questions concerned the struggle against deforestation, water supplies, waste management, natural monuments and other things.

With its constructive approaches and interesting suggestions the discussion will perhaps be continuous and turn into the implementation of certain environmental steps and programs…


Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum has always come up with environmental initiatives and it’s always shown special caring attitude towards the environment, the sequel of which is the opportunity to take part in the programs of the Ministry of the Nature Protection.



Meeting with Deputy Minister of Nature Protection of RA

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