Unforgettable Trip

“On October 7, group 1084 had an interesting trip, organized by Ms. Inessa and Mr. Arthur.


We had a saturated and interesting day, as well as rediscovered the rich history of our small country. Without Mr. Arthur we would not be able to gain such interesting and vital information.


We visited Agarak archeological site (ancient wine factory, tomb of viceroys), Aghdzq, Arshakuni tomb, Tegher (Dgher Monastery), Museum of Viktor Hambardzumyan, “Letters’ Park” (Monument of Armenian Alphabet), Saghmosavank, and Ohanavank.


We even were able to have fun and play, and more importantly, were proud of our history once again.


We had a round dance in Saghmosavank, dancing ancient ethnographic dance Ejmiatsin. During the trip a simple truth hit us – we are the bearers of this huge cultural heritage, to be able to keep it with dignity and respect, maintain to be preserved, give to receive we will have to go back and clean them from the waste” – wrote about her ideas on the trip student from group 1084 Maria Hovhannisyan.

Unforgettable Trip

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