Welcome to High School!

And here you are in front of the High School doorway and the following words are addressed to you,

“This year promises to be full of scholastic successes challenges, innovations and lots of learning! We’re wishing you a great journey of memories and accomplishments!”


Then you will be met by bright-eyed young boys and girls who are discussing merrily various things, are talking to each other and are telling jokes. At the same time you can see a young musician playing the piano with his/her friends around.


And, no doubt, you will feel good here.


In five minutes you will not see any student as the lessons begin and our halls are reined by silence which can be sometimes broken by working noise from the classrooms. You can head to small windows on the classroom doors to watch an interesting Academic process headed by a teacher.


In a word, you will fall in love and will want to join our Lyceum’s vibrant life. Moreover, you will also be inspired by the idea that we are educating here the generation of future, we are forming a creative, principled, caring and responsible Person.


We are continuing to realize the Policy we started 26 years ago. Each member of Lyceum community (be a teacher, or a student, or a parent), is striving more and more.


I am proud to be a member of this community.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Thus, I have pleasure to invite you to visit our Lyceum.

Your sincerely

Zaruhi Ghaltakhchyan

High school principal